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The Rite of Christian Initiation program is aimed at those who, as adults or older children, are interested in becoming a fully initiated Catholic. ie: they may or may not have already received the sacrament of Baptism. After initial inquiry and seeking God in faith, a form (found in the Church foyer) can be completed and left with the parish office.  

A program in preparation for receiving Baptism, Communion and Confirmation at the Easter Vigil each year begins the year before in the Advent Season and ends with Pentecost (6 months). This program supports those enquiring and their sponsors to grow in understanding of Catholic beliefs, sacraments, rites and traditions through group sessions where members of the parish and clergy share their understandings and faith. It is a faith journey and the timing of these sessions vary each year depending on the needs of those seeking to become Catholic.


Contact: Diane Redmayne


Enquiry form for RCIA 

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