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Welcome to the parish Play Group at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish

Meetings: - Tuesdays (during school terms)

Organiser: - Contact Parish Office 96037373

Cost: - $2 per family & 1 piece of fruit


General Timetable:

10am: Parents and Children arrive

10:30am: Clean table and cut up fruit

10:45am: Morning tea and Prayer

11am: Craft and more play

11:45am: Pack up

12pm: Lock up


Some Organizational info:


Craft: Playgroup has the basics of glue, paint, brushes, scissors, pencils, coloured paper, tape etc plus a big folder of craft outlines and ideas. We implement a variety of craft activities, plus seasonal activities such as Mothers Day, Easter, Christmas and Fathers Day throughout the year. We are always looking for more fun ideas for the kids, so we welcome any input.


Cleaning: In previous years, the playgroup was run with a great deal of structure, including a cleaning roster. However, the relaxed nature of this playgroup is what both the parents and the children find enjoyable. Therefore, let's continue to pitch in and help with all aspects of the cleaning and not leave it to the same few and rosters won't be needed.


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