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Did you know that in our Parish there is a faithful team of volunteers that take a risk and step out in faith?


In State Government schools there are no lessons that teach the basic message about Jesus, our faith and the great adventure that life can be with God.  That's where Catechists come in.  Each week of the school year they have a short 30 minute lesson where they use a step by step lesson plan that helps Catholic children understand thier faith, grow in love and maturity and learn what it means to be Catholic.


We were all given this gift by someone.  Someone stepped up for us so that we would know.  So we invite you to take a risk and give the gift of faith.  Become a Catechist as a teacher or a helper today!


We are bringing the Good News to St Andrews Primary School, Robert Townson Primary School and also Robert Townson High School.

The number of students attending Catholic Special Religious Education in these schools total 361. I am thankful to the 16 volunteer SRE teachers dedicating their time and talents to ensure that this education continues in our state schools.

If you are not a SRE teacher and wish to contribute to this parish in teaching Religious Education to students of St Andrews and Robert Townson Primary Schools, please contact the parish office.

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